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Ronalds Lock Shop Inc.
5300 Richmond Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44146



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Ronalds Lock Shop Inc. is a distributor for the following products:

  • ABUS
Home & Yard

Other Locks & Cables

Hasps & Hasplocks

Brass Pin Tumbler Padlocks

Laminated Steel Pin
Tumbler Padlocks

Fusion Series

Recreational Activities

Keyed Cable Locks

U-Lock Bicycle Locks

Combination Cable Locks

Chain Locks

Python Adjustable
Cable Lock

Lock n' Load U-Lock & Carrier Rack

Laminated Steel Pin
Tumbler Padlocks

Shackle Protected Padlocks



Cable Locks

Solid Body Padlocks

Other Job Site Locks

Cables & Cable Locks

Gun Locks

Outboard Motor Padlocks

Other Outdoorsman Padlocks

Covered Laminated
Steel Padlocks

Travel Locks

Colorful Combination Luggage Locks

Mini Fusion Series

Non-Locking Closures

Covered Brass Padlocks

Solid Brass Padlocks

Solid Brass Combination Luggage Locks

Classic Black Combination Luggage Locks

School & Campus

Sphero Combination Locks

Combination Locks

Covered Padlocks

Back Pack Locks

Combination Locks

Titanium Series
Combination Locks

Mini Combination Locks

Implementation of the <<Total Access>> Strategy through SBS

Access Control
Include all mechanical, mechatronic, and electronic lock, master key, and access systems.

Safe Locks
Is focused on high-security lock technology and is in this segment the leading global provider of high-security locks.

Key Systems
Focus on the manufacture and sale of mechanical key blanks, and trasponder keys and their related encryption systems.

Hotel Lock Systems
Serve the market for mechanical, mechatronic, and electronic hotel lock systems with their application-specific requirements.

Identification Systems
Specialize in contactless identification.

Door Systems
Specialize in automatic, security, and convenience doors.

Data Collection
Deals mainly with collecting enterprise data and produces software and middleware applications in addition to high-end data entry terminals.

Not many people know that padlocks have established themselves with a huge diversity of products for every conceivable application. When combined with high-quality chains and security hasps, padlocks are used everywhere where flexible solutions are required. The padlock is an icon of security.